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The Shelby County Health Department is committed to providing our community with the most accurate information about Coronavirus Disease 2019, known as COVID-19.

Please note, this data is meant to provide a rough estimate of testing volume in Shelby County. Due to different source data, numbers may differ slightly from day to day. This data is preliminary and subject to change

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The Shelby County Health Department's data dashboard provides the most up-to-date data available for Shelby County including:

COVID-19 Cases

Includes data reporting total confirmed COVID-19 cases, test performed, active and inactive/recovered cases, total deaths and positivity rate. 

COVID-19 Case Demographics

Includes data reporting COVID-19 cases by age, sex, race and ethnicity. This information is updated weekly on Thursday.

COVID-19 Geographic Data

Includes data reporting COVID-19 testing rate and case rate by zip code. Some zip codes are grouped together for patient confidentiality purposes. This information is updated weekly on Thursday.

COVID-19 Fatalities

Includes data reporting on total COVID-19 deaths in Shelby County as well as fatality rate, demographic data, and fatalities associated with additional risks like pre-existing health conditions and recent travel. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Data

Data on COVID-19 vaccinations to date in Shelby County. 

COVID-19 Cluster Data

Data on COVID-19 clusters in nursing homes and congregate living settings in Shelby County.  


Most recent available Hospital Resource Tracking System Data              

HRTS data for Thursday-Sunday will be added to the Data Dashboard on Mondays and HRTS data for Monday-Wednesday will be added to the Data Dashboard on Thursdays.

Correctional Data

Most recent data available from Shelby County Division of Corrections and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office

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