2018 Hendricks County CHA:
Primary Survey Results

Primary Survey Results

The primary survey received approximately 260 responses from residents of Hendricks County. The relatively low response rate in comparison to the total population of the county is a limitation to these results. Taking this into account, the responses still provide valuable insight to the health concerns and behaviors of a sample of our county's residents. Following each subsection, a brief summary conclusion of significant indicators is included in italics. 

Survey Respondents Demographic Indicators

Survey respondents' households have an average of 2 adults per household, and an average of 1 child per household.

Summary: The majority of survey respondents were female, white, and middle-aged or older. This is also a limitation to these results.

Survey Respondents Economic Indicators

Summary:  The majority of survey respondents were middle-to-high-income, well educated, employed full-time or retired, had health insurance, had a primary care provider, and had little trouble affording or accessing care. 

Survey Respondents Overall Health Self-Perception

Summary: The majority of survey respondents reported good or very-good overall health, high satisfaction with life, good or very-good mental health, and a median average stress level. However, the majority of survey respondents reported fair or poor physical health, and fair or poor social well-being.

Survey Respondents Specific Health Indicators

Summary: The majority of survey respondents received dental care or a routine physical exam, both of which are positive prevention measures. Low response numbers for services received related to mental health or addiction may indicate that social stigma surrounding these issues still exists in our community. The majority of survey respondents had  a prescription filled, which could indicate either good follow-through on primary care providers' instructions, OR over-prescription of certain medications by some primary care providers. 

Summary: Very few survey respondents report misuse of alcohol or other substances, which is positive; however, it is likely that misuse is under-reported due to fear or stigma. The majority of survey respondents report eating a healthy balanced diet. Just above 50% of survey respondents report regular physical activity or getting plenty of sleep.

Survey Respondents Social Determinants of Health // Health Concerns

Summary:  The majority of survey respondents responded positively to 9 out 10 social determinants of health questions. The only significant indicator is that the majority of survey respondents responded they only sometimes or seldom make efforts to get involved in their community.

Summary: Survey respondents indicate that the top five community issues of concern to them (including with financial prioritization) are aging needs, substance abuse, chronic diseases, obesity, and mental health. 

Survey Respondents Perceived Importance

Summary:  The top five programs or services that survey respondents selected as most important to their community are physical activity programs, aging and older adult services, trails and outdoor spaces, substance abuse prevention programs, and mental health counseling.