Data Collection and Monitoring

Data Collection and Monitoring

In order to fully address the problem in San Luis Obispo County, the Coalition first needs an understanding of the issue based on accurate, relevant data. The Data Collection and Monitoring Team addresses this need by determining what data best describes prescription drug misuse in the County, as well as the community behaviors and prescribing practices that can impact them.

Action Team Champion

Ann McDowell  |  Epidemiologist, Public Health  |


1)  Provide a data dashboard to the community regarding the opioid public health epidemic in San Luis Obispo County with data/statistics in the following areas: opioid emergency responses (Narcan), hospital medical care for opioid related conditions, deaths, prescription information for opioid medications, youth statistics regarding recreational use of prescription medication, and treatment admission data for opioid/heroin use disorders.  

2)  Provide the community with an electronic resource for San Luis Obispo County opioid information with the use of Live Stories to present the following: data dashboard, action team information, safe disposal information, etc. 


1)  The Data Action Team has provided the public version of the data report (LiveStories) to the community.

2) The Data Action Team has released the Rx Opioid Abuse Report Card.

3) The SLO Opioid Safety Coalition LiveStories template (this webpage) was shared and used as a guide for other opioid safety coalitions by CHCF. 

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