Safe Prescribing and Health Care

Safe Prescribing and Health Care

Studies show that prescribing guidelines based on best practices can help improve patient outcomes and limit the risk of unintended harm. The Safe Prescribing and Health Care Team is focused on developing mechanisms that promote the prescribing of healthy and safe amounts of opiates, offering the benefits of the medication while managing the harm of over-prescribing.

Next Team Meeting

Drug & Alcohol Services (2180 Johnson Ave. San Luis Obispo)

Action Team Champions

Dr. Brian Koch  |  Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center & Twin Cities Community Hospital
Dr. Stefan Teitge  |  French Hospital Medical Center & Arroyo Grande Community Hospital


1)  Share, distribute, & identify use of “Safe Pain Medicine Prescribing” flyer with 100% of the local Community Health Centers, Private Physician Offices, Pain Management Offices, and Dentists in the San Luis Obispo County.  

2)  Increase the presence of participation of professionals in the medical field in the Safe Prescribing & Health Care Action Team by outreaching to the following groups: local Physician Networks, CHC, PCP's, Pain Specialists, Provider Groups, CenCal (payer), AEGIS.

3)  Develop a resource list for providers with alternative pain management treatment options (alternatives to opioid use). Include psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage, meditation, Chinese medicine, etc.

4)  Advocate for an increase in Social Workers, Therapists, Care Coordinators, Drug & Alcohol Counselors to assist in hospital and emergency department settings for the purpose of providing additional assessment, and provide referrals related to substance use.  Advocate by speaking, writing correspondence that suggests the increase of this type of support staff in 2 different arenas.

5)  Develop a resource guide for physicians with substance use treatment and related resources that can be easily included with discharge paperwork.     


1)  The Safe Pain Medicine Prescribing flyer is being used in the 4 Emergency Departments in the county. (PDF copy)      

2)  A Physician/Clinic letter sent to all physicians in San Luis Obispo County with information about the SLO Opioid Safety Coalition's projects to reduce opioid misuse and abuse, as well as resources available to physicians/clinics. (PDF copy)

Action Team Resources