Active Richland County

Active Richland County's Purpose 

Richland County Communities in Action identified both physical activity and the built environment as strategic issues. This action group was formed to address these two identified issues, with the goal of improving the built environment to encourage physical activity. 

Currently the role of the Active Richland County (ARC) Charter is twofold: Acting as a liaison between the communities and the state agencies and engaging the community in addressing environmental health and physical activity concerns in Richland County. 

ARC, as an action group of CIA, will assist the Steering Committee in assessing the county, identifying needs, and implementing strategies to meet the needs related to environmental health and physical activity. 

2019-2021 Strategies:

1. Improve knowledge of available recreation activities

2. Implement one best practice into Richland County to raise awareness of physical activity being a contribution to good physical and emotional health.

3. Address infrastructure needs to improve accessibility of physical activity.


Current Projects 

Kids Interacting with a StoryWalk

 Story Walk? 

A "Story Walk" is where you put a picture book  page by page onto signs and then you install these signs along a walking path. Each page has an interactive activity for the kids to do. This way they not only engage with the story, they also get in some exercise. 

ARC is working with Best Beginnings, the Library, and the Parks Department to bring this to the Community very soon.  

Trail Signage:

ARC is working closely with the Parks Department to put way finding signs along the Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail 

Supporting the Community:

ARC also supports updates to City and County Parks. There is a total of 27 parks in Richland County. 23 in Sidney, 2 in Fairview, 1 in Savage, and 1 in Lambert. Sidney contains the Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail which is three miles long and sustains foot and cycling traffic. Additionally. Sidney offers a bike path for cyclists to utilize along main roads.

Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail in Sidney, MT

Past Projects 

Bike Lanes Add to Sidney!

“The community is better off with that piece now in place,” Les Anderson said. “When we have these successes everybody benefits. There are more success that are coming.”

Kristin Podsiad, Communities in Action Corps member serving with ARC conducts the PACE-EH assessment in Richland County

How well do you know Sidney parks?

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Stephanie Ler at