Adult Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Mental health and substance use disorders affect people from many walks of life at any stage of life. Both illnesses are common and often serious, but treatable.

Many individuals use alcohol responsibly and take medications as prescribed. But a fraction of those individuals will progress to substance use and develop a substance use disorder (SUD), also commonly called addiction.

SUD is considered a brain disease because substance use changes how the brain functions in some individuals. SUDs typically develop over time. With continued substance use, the brain is impaired in areas regarding reward, stress, decision-making, memory, and impulse control.

As mentioned, mental health and substance use disorders are both treatable. With an adequate amount of time and recovery support plans, brain scans have shown impaired parts of the brain can get better.

Morrow County agencies work together with different programs regarding prevention, treatment and recovery to provide services for all stages of mental health and substance use disorders. 

Adult Alcohol Use

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking refers to drinking more than five drinks within a two-hour time period (for men), or four drinks (for women). 

Adult Tobacco Use

Tobacco use disorder is the most common substance use disorder in the United States, with the delivery of nicotine into the body through cigarettes or e-cigarettes. On July 1st, 2013 the Morrow County Smoke Free, Tobacco Free Workplace Policy was put into place to comply with the Ohio Smoking Ban (ORC 3794), to provide clean air to employees and visitors on all county owned property and in all county owned vehicles, and provide a work environment that supports employee health. 

The Morrow County Hospital has one-on-one tobacco cessation for individuals looking to quit smoking

Healthy People 2020

Healthy People details national objectives and benchmarks for improving the lives of American residents. These objectives are updated every 10 years, and are rooted in science. The current cycle is Healthy People 2020, and some of the objectives include tobacco use, substance abuse, LGBTQ + health, access to care, and a great deal more. For more information about the Healthy People 2020 campaign, click here

Adult Substance Abuse

Treatment and Recovery

When individuals with Substance Use Disorder seek treatment, it is soon discovered the “one-size-fits-all” option does not apply. Treatment is different for everyone and will vary depending on the types of substances used, other health conditions, and severity of their illnesses. Treatment includes a wide variety of evidence-based approaches which include: Hospital/Residential Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Outpatient Programs, Detoxification, Opioid Treatment Programs, Office-Based Opioid Treatment, Individual Counseling.

After an individual’s treatment period, he or she often begin a journey of recovery. Such as treatment, there are many paths to recovery, and finding the right fit for each person is key. Recovery is a process of change for an individual to improve their health and reach their full potential.

Morrow County agencies continue to work together to bring effective treatment and recovery services to residents in the community. The Delaware-Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Service Board mission is: shall in partnership with our community; plan, develop, evaluate, and provide for high quality, cost effective, appropriate mental health and substance use treatment and prevention services that are accessible to the residents of Delaware and Morrow Counties.

Please call HELPLINE at 2-1-1 or 800-684-2324 for more information. HELPLINE is a 24-hour Crisis Hotline, Information, Referral and Prevention Service. 

Please see the Additional Resources section below for local treatment and recovery information.