Aging and Health in Seattle

Seattle's aging population is as diverse as the city's neighborhoods. 

Seattle's Aging and Disability Service (ADS) provides essential services to the city's aging population, including meals, transportation, and caregiver support. These services cover clients of a wide variety of age ranges. Many clients live alone, or have disabilities, and many speak primary languages other than English. 

The following charts show how these services are distributed.  

• The data is broken down by neighborhoods and other regions in King County. 
• Services shown here are limited to residents 65 and over.
The data here is for services, not individual clients. A single client may receive multiple services.

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Seattle's Aging Population: Geography of Health

Data from the 500 Cities Project, a survey established by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, shows health data at the census-tract level for America's 500 largest cities. The following maps show the percentages of older residents who are up-to-date on core clinical preventative services:

• Flu shot in the past year
• PPV shot 
• Colorectal cancer screening
• Mammogram in past 2 years (for women)

Percent of Women 65+ Years Current with Preventative Services

Percent of Men 65+ Years Current with Preventative Services