Bicycle/pedestrian injuries

Southern Nevada has among the highest rates of pedestrian-automobile crashes for metropolitan areas in the United States., making walking and bicycling less viable transportation options. Enhancing the viability of walking and biking is important for workforce access to job opportunities, as well as for health, quality of life and safety.

Serious Injuries, fatalities involving bicyclists and pedestrians continue to climb

Between 2013 and 2017 there were approximately 1,000 bicyclists or pedestrians either killed (282) or seriously injured (718) in traffic collisions in Southern Nevada. After an improvement in 2014, the problem has trended in the wrong direction in subsequent years – both in total numbers and when controlling for the region's population increase. And 2017, the last year in which data was available, the most deadly for pedestrians and bicyclists this decade, surpassing the mark set the year prior (see chart below). 

High concentrations of non-motorized serious and fatal crashes occurred in and around the valley's urban core, with the highest levels along Boulder Highway, the Maryland Parkway corridor, and resort corridor along the Las Vegas Strip (see map below). 

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Source: Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada