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CLEveland, OH 

Who We Are.....

    what we know! 

    Neighborhoods are the places where we live, work, play, and age - affect health and life expectancy. 

Buckeye HEAL is a place-based strategy to address chronic illnesses in urban neighborhoods that can be replicated.

     "HEAL -
a necessary MOVEMENT to revitalize our community. Neighbors helping neighbors to live well"

                                                                    HEAL Council

The Greater Buckeye HEAL neighborhoods are predominantly African American


And over the past 10 years the community has suffered from

Population decline                              24% 

.....and higher prevalence of poverty (Case NEOCANDO, 2014)

HEAL 10 Core Principles

Make a Difference
Transparent, Honest, Clear
Broad range of participants
Mutual learning and Development

ACTIVE Living - CLEveland, OH

"We're Here to give back to the COMMUNITY."

A Step Towards 100 Million healthier lives:         Buckeye HEAL          aCtion Lab

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Fit-A-Thon1 at Woodland Hills Community Center

Fit-A-Thon2 at Fairhill Partners

Fit-A-Thon2- Fairhill Partners

Fit-a-Thon at Woodland Hills Community Center

Measuring Participants Change in Confidence Levels

Buckeye HEAL Celebration 2018_Zumba

Obesity and related health problems are a leading preventable cause of death in America.  But for many people, gym membership fees are a barrier to getting n shape.  

 In Cleveland, The Trust for Public Land worked with Saint Luke’s Foundation and the Healthy Eating & Active Living (HEAL) initiative to bring three Fitness Zone® areas to the east side communities of Buckeye, Larchmere, and Woodland Hills. The three installations are situated at least a half-mile apart and are also located along walking routes established by the HEAL initiative.

Funding for these Fitness Zones was provided a lead grant from Saint Luke’s Foundation, a contribution from The MetroHealth System, and grants from The Reinberger Foundation and CareSource Foundation.

Fitness Zone Area®

Center for Community Health - Bright Spot - Enjoying Fitness Zone at Fairhill Partners

Buckeye HEAL Walking Group 2018

Buckeye HEAL Walking Group 2018

Stroll, walk, jog or run one of Four walking paths created for community by community residents.

Goal: To connect residents in the neighborhoods of Buckeye, Larchmere, and Woodland Hills to other residents in order to provide safe places for walking

What: Offer a variety of opportunities for safe walking in the community

When: Year long access to walking throughout our neighborhoods

Where: Streets located in Buckeye, Woodland Hills, Larchmere, and Shaker Square

How: HEAL connected with community organizations and resident groups to plan and hold a host of community meetings to determine assets and best places for walking. This community feedback was used to inform the creation of neighborhood walking routes.

Project partners included:

Studio Graphique, Cleveland Public Power, City of Cleveland Planning Commission

Walking Post Painting

Community Walking Routes

•Residents wanted to physically identify routes for everyone in community to use

• Routes were created and tested for accessibility, ease of use, distance of routes, and safety

• Students at Intergenerational K-8 School and Harvey Rice K-8 created concept and colors for art for walking routes

• Contracted local artist from Buckeye neighborhood to create design for poles

• Got buy-in from community associations, Cleveland City Planning, and Cleveland Public Power

• Met continuously over 2 year period and groups still walking

lived experience - Buckeye HEAL Resident Advisor's


Buckeye HEAL Celebration_2018

“Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.”

                                           — John C. Maxwell