About Us

   The Coalition was established in 2000, and it was originally called the Women's Health Coalition. Five years later the Coalition aligned with Communities in Action as an Action Group. 

   In 2011, the group rebranded themselves as the Cancer Coalition, expanding its focus to both women and men. The Cancer Coalition's charter was approved on September 11th, 2012.  

   The purpose of the Cancer Coalition is to bring together resources and work collaboratively to offer support for those going through cancer treatment in Eastern Montana.

2019-2021 Strategies

1. Increase community demand for cancer screenings through small media campaigns, group education, and reducing barriers by December 2021.  

2. Provide at least two annual cancer screening events by December 2020.

3. Create community resources for cancer survivors and family members by December 2019. 

Assistance Programs: 

Cover Cancer With Love

A local charity group that makes quilts for everyone going through cancer treatment at Sidney Health Center Cancer Care.  

Cancer Ribbon Quilt

Community volunteers working together to make quilts

Cancer Coalition Aid Fund

What is the Cancer Coalition Aid Fund?

The Cancer Coalition, sponsored by the Richland County Health Department (RCHD) has established the Cancer Coalition Aid Fund.  The Cancer Coalition, with approval of the sponsoring RCHD & County Commissioners, has selected the Foundation for Community Care to act as a fiduciary institution serving at will to the RCHD Director, the Richland County Commissioners and the Cancer Coalition active membership.

Who qualifies to receive funds?

The fund is designed to help individuals with a new cancer diagnosis and undergoing cancer treatment residing primarily in Richland County and those whom seek care in Richland County. Patients in other Montana counties can be considered if seeking cancer treatment at the Cancer Care located in Sidney, Montana.

How do I apply?

To obtain an application:  

  • Call or email the Foundation for Community Care: (406)488-2273; hello@foundationforcommunitycare.org
  • Pick up a printed copy at either the Foundation for Community Care office in Sidney (221 2nd ST NW), or Sidney Health Center. Foundation business hours are M-F, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Click here to print the form and fill out.  

To submit a completed application:

  • All applications must be submitted to the Foundation for Community Care office in Sidney (221 2nd ST NW). Foundation business hours are M-F, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Click on the Button Below for More Information. 

Be-You Boutique: 

Located at the Sidney Health Center Medical Arts Building, the Be-you Boutique offers wigs, caps, and scarves for women cancer survivors. Make an appointment by called (406) 488-3953 or (406) 488-2504. 

A SHC staff member or volunteer will be there during your appointment to assist you with the product of your choice, free of charge. Give yourself permission to try. Your privacy is respected. 

Cancer Support Community Montana-Sidney Hub: 

Virtual Community: 

This community is able  to assist people who have been affected by cancer who are not able to come to programs in Bozeman or one of the Hub Locations (Sidney is now a Hub Location). Services are available for one-on-on counseling, discussion boards, and education classes-all monitored and developed by Cancer Support Community. 

Program Descriptions: 

1. One-one-one HIPAA compliant counseling is provided through tele-health technology. Cancer Survivors and their caregivers can meet one-on-one with a social worker and participate live-time in a variety of programs. To use ZOOM, call (406) 582-1600 to get a link from CSC-MT Program Director. 

2. Check out the monthly calendar. If you see the Wi-Fi symbol, the program available via Virtual Community. For more information, call call (406) 582-1600 or info@cancersupportmontana.org 

3. Cancer patients and caregivers can build an online support community of family and friends to foster connection, inspiration, and healing through free, personalized websites on MyLifeLine. You can also develop a calendar so your loved ones can help with your meals. rides, etc. If you can not make it to a support group in person, you can join one of the discussion boards for virtual sharing and support. These boards are available 24/7 and cover a variety of topics. Receive advice, support and offer tips ti other people going through similar cancer experiences. 

Check out the link below to learn more about all of the programs provided by Cancer Support Community Montana. 

Yearly Events and Projects: 


The Cancer Coalition organizes two yearly cancer screening events in Richland County. The Women's Health Screening event takes place each year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Woman who attend this event receive a free clinical breast exam, fecal immunochemical test, blood pressure check, and information on tobacco cessation. Qualifying participants can also receive a free mammogram and Pap Test. 

The Men's Health Screening event takes place in March, which is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Men who attend this event receive a free digital rectal exam, fecal immunochemical test, Prostate-Specific Antigen test, blood pressure check, and information on tobacco cessation. The Coalition also provides opportunity for participants (men and women) to sign-up for My Chart and a primary care provider at both events. 

Through yearly events, the Cancer Coalition promotes the Montana Center Control Program (MCCP). MCCP provides ongoing quality screening services to Montana women. Screening services include mammograms, clinical breast exam, PAP tests, and pelvic exams for the early detection of breast and cervical cancers. 

Diagnostics testing is also provided for follow-ups of abnormal screening tests. To sign-up, complete the "Breast and Cervical Cancer Screen Eligibility Form" (see button below) or call Ashley VandeBossche at 406-433-2207.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Rodeo 

The "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" fundraiser raises awareness for local cancer care alternatives and raises funds for the Cancer Coalition's relief programs. The Coalition provides financial relief to individuals throughout Eastern Montana who are facing a battle with a cancer diagnosis. 

In 2019, $10,585.70 was raised and used to support cancer survivors through the Cancer Coalition Aid Fund. 

Tough Enough To Wear Pink Rodeo-Aug. 2018

Rock Painting and Glass Painting Parties

Both the Rock and Glass Painting Parties are held at various times throughout the year. The purpose of these parties is to spread kindness and raise funds for the Cancer Coalition Aid Fund through the Foundation for Community Care. 

Follow the Foundation for Community Care on FB to see when the next painting event is. 

Light the Park 

The "Light the Park" event honors those in the community who have been affected by cancer. Their names are written on the lanterns that light the park. All proceeds from the lanterns go to the Sidney Health Center Cancer Care. 

Light the Park-July 13th, 2018- Lanterns paid tribute to area cancer patients.

Light the Park Concert kicking off the night.

"Dig Pink Night" Sidney

"Dig Pink Night" Fairview

Pink Nights 

During the month of October, local schools show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness at their sporting events by wearing pink. Additionally, the Cancer Coalition usually organizes a speaker for the various pink nights in the county. The speaker will either address cancer awareness or the importance of cancer screenings. 

"Dig Pink Night" Fairview

Dr. Adams speaking at a "Dig Pink Night" in Sidney.

Past Events and Projects: 

Healthy Kids Expo


In June 2019, the Cancer Coalition participated in the "Healthy Kids Expo." The Coalition's theme was Skin Cancer Prevention. Members discussed with the parents and kids in attendance the importance of wearing hats and sun screen when spending time outside. 

Bra Auction

The Cancer Coalition ran the Bra Auction for 12 years (2006-2018). Highlights of the yearly event include: In 2013, the Bra Auction raised more than $65,000.00, which was donated to the Sidney Health Center Cancer Care and in 2015, the Bra Auction raised more than $43,000.00 for the Cancer Coalition Aid Fund.

Coffee for a Cause 

In May and October, The Rush hosted "Coffee for a Cause." A dollar from every sale was donated to the Cancer Coalition for the Coalition Aid Fund. This was done in memorial for The Rush's founder Cheryl who was diagnosed in 2011 with breast cancer. 

The Rush strove to stress the importance of preventive screenings and self breast exams as methods to catch cancer early.