Causes of Death

Leading Causes of Death in Jefferson County

Comparison of the leading causes of death between Jefferson County, Colorado, and United States (2017)

The table below ranks the top causes of death in Jefferson County, compared to the ranks of those causes among Colorado and United States, by the age-adjusted mortality rate per 100,000 persons for each cause of death. The rates in green indicate causes of death in Jefferson County with rates better than both Colorado and the United States. The rates in yellow indicate causes of death where Jefferson County's rates are better than either Colorado or the United States, but not both. The rates in red indicate causes of death where Jefferson County's rates are worse than both Colorado and the United States.

Jefferson County is exceeding the Healthy People 2020 goals for deaths related to heart disease. However, Jefferson County is not meeting the goals related to accidental deaths, deaths due to cerebrovascular diseases and suicide.

Top ten causes of death per 100,000 persons in Jefferson County, compared to Colorado, United States and Health People 2020 Goals (2017)

Source: Colorado Vital Records & CDC Wonder

 *CO Rank: 10= Influenza and pneumonia (9.9), 12=Kidney Disease (Nephritis) (8.7), 13= Septicemia (8.3)
**US Rank: 8=Influenza and pneumonia (14.3), 10=Kidney Disease (Nephritis) (13.0), 12=Septicemia (10.6), 13 = Hypertension (9.0)

Leading causes of death, over time, for Jefferson County (2005- 2017)

Many of the leading causes of death for Jefferson County shown below have either been decreasing over time or have remained relatively stable. However, the rates associated with deaths from accidents, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease have been increasing. These increases are most likely due to our increasing elder population.

Leading causes of death, by race/ethnicity, Jefferson County (2013-2017)

The data for the leading causes of death are broken into two charts below. This is due to the difference in the rates of cancer and heart disease (they are considerably higher) than that of other causes of death. They are also separated because the rates of the other causes of death among Asians and blacks are so low in Jefferson County that those values are suppressed for confidentiality.

The top graph shows that blacks have significantly higher rates of mortality for both heart disease and cancer, compared to all other races/ethnicity in Jefferson County. This mirrors trends seen in the rest of the United States.

The lower graph shows some causes of death are seen at much higher rates in non-Hispanic whites, such as chronic lower respiratory diseases, suicide and Parkinson's disease, while Hispanics have much higher rates of mortality due to diabetes and chronic liver diseases.

Leading causes of death, by age group, Jefferson County (2013-2017)

The image below shows the leading causes of death, by rank, for different age groups in Jefferson County. Of note, deaths due to accidents are the number one cause of death for age groups 1-44 and suicide is in the top five for age groups 1-64.

Source: Colorado Vital Records

Cardiovascular Diseases


Specific Causes of Injury and Accidental

Deaths by accidents, suicides and drug overdoses are among the most preventable causes of deaths and are the major contributors to years of potential life lost in Jefferson County. To see more about each topic area, click on the buttons below.

All Other Causes of Death

The chart below contains the age-adjusted mortality rates for all the causes of death in Jefferson County between 2005-2017. Causes of death that had less than three deaths in a given year are suppressed and recorded as zero.

Note: Some of the causes of disease are grouped into larger categories. For example: 'Lung Cancer' deaths are also counted in 'Cancer.'

To select a specific cause of death, you can click on the 'Filter by Label' drop-down below, and select the cause of interest to you.


Data Sources

CDPHE Vital Records: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment:


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Published on July 17, 2018

Updated on February 13, 2019