2018 Community Health Assessment
Napa County, CA

Welcome to the 2018 Napa County Community Health Assessment (CHA). The following pages contain information on the state of local community health as assessed by Napa County Public Health and the Live Healthy Napa County (LHNC) community collaborative in 2018. 

The work contributing to this assessment was broken down into two parts. The primary assessment is built around the Livable Communities framework, while the second part involves a deep dive into conditions contributing to food insecurity. The Livable Communities framework was adapted from the World Health Organization and American Association of Retired Persons’ Age-Friendly Communities models, which outline eight domains of community life affecting health and well-being. The eight domains are considered social determinants of health because they encompass various conditions in the places where people live, learn, work and play that affect their health risks and health outcomes. The social determinants of health, including economic, social, physical, and environmental factors, are the strongest predictors of the length and quality of our life.

In 2019, information from this CHA will guide development of a Community Health Improvement Plan, which will establish specific goals for improving the health and well-being of all who live and work in Napa County. We welcome your interest, comments, and questions on the material presented in this CHA and invite your continued participation as we take the next steps toward a healthier Napa County. 

What is the Livable Communities framework?

The Livable Communities framework includes eight domains that group naturally into three sections: the Social Environment (including the domains of Social Participation, Civic Participation and Employment, and Respect and Social Inclusion), the Built Environment (including Housing, Transportation, and Outdoor Spaces and Buildings), and Community Health Environment (including Community and Health Services and Communication and Information). The availability and quality of these features influences the health and well-being of community members from older adults down to our youngest residents.

Demographics refer to the characteristics of a population, including the population size, birth rate, age structure, racial and gender makeup and more. Click on the picture to the right to find out more about Napa County's demographics.

The environment around us plays an important role in our health. Housing that is affordable allows people to have money left over to pay for things like medicines and fresh, nourishing foods. When we can easily walk, bike, or take public transportation to the places we need to go, physical activity can become a routine part of our lives and air pollution from motor vehicles may decrease. Accessible parks and green spaces provide opportunities for both exercise and social connection. Click on the picture to the right to find out more about Napa County's built environment.

Our social environment connects us to each other and to opportunities for meaningful participation in the community. Volunteer work and civic participation can provide a chance to contribute to the community, while feeling connected and included in the community directly impacts health. Loneliness in older adults can be as debilitating as having a chronic illness and trauma in youth can affect mental health and economic engagement for decades, which means that everyone has a stake in ensuring that our social systems are as healthy as possible. Click on the picture to the right to find out more about Napa County's social environment.

The Community Health Environment includes data on access to healthcare, educational outcomes, and communication in our community. Many community institutions provide services and supports that help us to stay healthy, active, and engaged with others. In this section we explore the domains of Communication and Information and Community and Health Services, which includes education. Click on the picture to the right to find out more about Napa County's community health environment.

Data presented within the Livable Communities domains is directly linked to the health of Napa County residents. Domains such as Housing, Transportation, and Respect and Social Inclusion represent the upstream factors that influence the length of life and the quality of life in our community. Click on the picture on the right to find out more about Napa County's obesity rates, life expectancy, causes of death and other health outcomes.