Community Health Improvement Plan
Eastern Jackson County 

Building a Healthier Jackson County

In 2017, the Jackson County Health Department (JACOHD) convened a large group of stakeholders to outline a truly collaborative process which resulted in a Community Health Assessment (CHA) and first ever Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for Eastern Jackson County (EJC). This work was conducted by a collective of community agencies under the Building a Healthier Jackson County (BHJC) initiative. This process worked to reduce fragmentation across organizations while clearly identifying priority areas and a plan of action for the community.

To facilitate BHJC's health improvement process, we used a community-driven strategic planning framework called, Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP). This framework helps communities apply strategic thinking to prioritize public health issues and identify resources needed to address them. Click here for more information on the MAPP process. 

How did we get here? 

CHA Process

The CHA was completed during the third phase of the MAPP process. It includes past and present public health data and summarizes the findings of JACOHD’s 2017 Community Health and Stakeholder Survey. BHJC stakeholders referenced the CHA to identify areas where the health of EJC residents could be improved. We regard these areas as our strategic, or priority, issues. 

CHIP Process

The fourth and fifth MAPP phases involved developing this CHIP document. Our CHIP contains the strategic issues that were identified by stakeholders, and the goals, objectives, and strategies they selected to address those issues.

In January of 2018, stakeholders met and reviewed the results of the four assessments: community health assessment, forces of change, local public health system, and community themes and strengths. They were then given worksheets to brainstorm a list of strategic issues. Each stakeholder listed a strategic issue, why the issue was important, and what the consequences would be for not including it as a strategic issue. After completing their worksheets, the MAPP Core Team (consisting of a consultant and JACOHD staff) compiled all strategic issues brainstormed by the group.

After further consideration and careful review, stakeholders were asked to select the top three issues they would like to work on in order to be placed into a workgroup. Selections were made and workgroups were established for the top three strategic issues identified by the participants: Mental and Behavioral Health, Overweight and Obesity, and Access to Affordable Health Care. 

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2018, workgroups met to develop and finalize goals, objectives, and strategies for their work plans. New organizations and members were added at this time, providing additional expertise, information, and perspectives crucial to the development of collaborative plans. Work plans from each group were finalized in the fall of 2018. As presented in the full documents, each work plan consists of information from the CHA that suggests why an issue is a problem in EJC, a list of relevant assets and resources, area partners, strategies, and detailed action steps. The full CHIP document can be accessed through the following link: 

Each strategic issue will be tracked during the three year period. To follow along on the progress, follow each issue's dashboard: 


The Jackson County Health Department and the Building a Healthier Jackson County initiative would like to thank the following organizations for participating in the planning sessions that led to the community health priorities outlined in this report. In addition, we would like to thank the REACH Foundation for providing funding that allowed us to hire a contractor to initate this community health improvement process.

American Medical Response

Baby Grace

City of Blue Springs

City of Buckner

City of Grain Valley

City of Independence

City of Lee’s Summit

City of Sugar Creek

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

First Call Alcohol/Drug Prevention & Recovery

Grandview C4 School District

Grandview Parks and Recreation

Greater Lee’s Summit Health Care Foundation

Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri

Health Forward Foundation


Independence Advisory Board of Health

Independence Police Department

Independence School District

Jackson County Executive’s Office

Jackson County Government

John Knox Village

Kansas City Medicine Cabinet

Kansas University Medical Center – School of Public Health

KC One Health Innovation Alliance

Live Well Community Health Center

Lee’s Summit CARES

Lee’s Summit Fire/EMS

Lee’s Summit Health Education Advisory Board

Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation

Lee’s Summit Police Department

MetroMed KC

Mid-America Regional Council

Mid-Continent Public Library

Oral Health Missouri

Preferred Family Healthcare

Raytown C-2 School District

REACH Healthcare Foundation


St. Luke’s Health System

St. Mary’s Medical Center

Summit Christian Academy

Truman Medical Centers

Truman Medical Centers – Behavioral Health

Truman Heartland Community Foundation

University of Missouri Extension Office

University of Missouri Kansas City