Chronic Disease Coalition

Our Purpose

The prevalence of chronic diseases distresses the health status of Richland County. Chronic diseases contribute to the leading causes of death within Richland County. Rates of chronic disease cases, decrease with positive policy, system, and environmental changes. 

The development of a Chronic Disease Coalition promotes health system changes that integrate the management and prevention of chronic disease in Richland County. This action group will be responsible for creating and implementing an action plan that addresses chronic disease issues identified in the County Quality of Life Strategic Plan.

Come Join Us on the second Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. in Rm. 202 at the Community Services Building.

Chronic Disease Coalition Goals:

1. Increase community awareness of Chronic Disease Prevention, with an emphasis on Heart Disease.

2. Create strong linkage between community services and providers.

3. Ensure help for those already with Chronic Disease

Jacklyn Damm and Kathy Jensen educating women at the Women's Health Screening Event - October 2019

Chronic Disease Coalition Partners:

Ashley VandeBossche, BS-RCHD Chronic Disease Prevention

Beth Mindt, BSN, RN-BC-SHC Chronic Care/Diabetes Management

Carrie Krug, BS-MSU Extension Family Consumer Sciences 

Breanne Josephson, RT-RCHD Asthma Home Visiting 

Heather Nevins, BA-RCHD CONNECT

Jenna Wheeler, LPN-SHC Clinic Nursing 

Jackylyn Damm - Tobacco Cessation

Jodi Berry, CCTM-COA Senior Center and AFEP

Kathy Jensen-SHC Outreach, Telemedicine and Medical Staff Services Director. 

Kayla Fox, RYT - AFEP

Kathy Helmuth, RN, BSN-RCHD Immunization and Senior Health

Kelly Wilkinson-SHC Social Services 

2019-2020 Workshops and Programs

Hypertension Workshop – April, 2019

 Dining with Diabetes – April, 2019

StrongPeople– May, 2019

Type II Diabetes Support Group (5 meetings)

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program – July 2019

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program – September 2019

Partners in Survivorship – September 2019

StrongPeople – September 2019

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program – October 2019

Cancer and Physical Activity for Women – November 2019

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program – January 2020

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program – February 2020

Fitness for Men Cancer Survivors Luncheon – February 2020

Lifestyle Choices for Heart Health Lunch n Learn – February 2020

Dining with Diabetes – March 2020

Hypertension Workshop (online) – May 2020

                  Check Back Soon For Upcoming Events 

Volunteers and Community Members participating in the "Dining with Diabetes" Workshop

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program in 2019

Blood Pressure Management Workshops

Communities in Action's Chronic Disease Coalition focuses on Richland County's #1 leading cause of death, Heart Disease. In the month of February 2020, Chronic Disease Coalition partners provided blood pressure checks to 54 people at the local grocery stores. Partners collaborate to offer a wide variety of health education trainings for the community each year. 

The most recent opportunity is a Blood Pressure Management Workshop available from the comfort of your own home via YouTube! 

Please contact Ashley VandeBossche at (406) 433-2207 or to register for her upcoming classes. Each participant will receive a FREE digital blood pressure monitor.

Data is provided by the State of Montana DPHHS

 Asthma Home Visiting Program 

This program provides services to children and adults with a current asthma diagnosis and who have had an emergency/unscheduled visit to a healthcare provider related to asthma or has scored less than 20 on the Asthma Control test in the last year. 

Benefits of this program include 6 home visits per year, free allergen proof pillows and mattress covers, free air filters for homes with pets or people who smoke, help identifying things in your home that may make asthma words, custom asthma resources, referrals to community services, and individual help with managing the medical system. All of these benefits come with no cost to participants. 

Contact Breanne Josephson at the Richland County Health Department at 406-433-2207 or at 

Giving away a FREE gym membership to a participant who checked their blood pressure during Heart Health Month(Feb).

Free Blood Sugar Tests @ IGA

Dr. Council's Lifestyle Choices for Heart Health Lunch 'n' Learn

Blood Pressure Checks at IGA - February 2020

 For more information, or to get involved, please contact Ashley VandeBossche at