What is Communities in Action Corps?  

Communities in Action Corps is an AmeriCorps State program that provides Eastern Montana Organizations the necessary capacity to utilize the community building process. 

One such Community Building process is Mobilizing For Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP). This is a community-driven strategic planning process for improving community heath. The process is done through partnerships within a community and identifying common goals. Then, the community and organizations can utilize collective impact to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

CIA Corps members assist with Roosevelt County Day of Service, providing health education and promoting resources to rural Montana veterans.

Communities in Action Corps is part of AmeriCorps Montana. To learn more about AmeriCorps Montana go to www.nationalservice.gov/impact-our-nation/state-profiles/mt

What Our Members Do

Creating an Impact

Communities in Action Corps members impact the communities they serve in by engaging people in a community building process and creating partnerships. This collection of partnerships work together to create a strategic plan with focus areas, goals, indicators, and action plans.

 Members are deployed to host sites where they complete a work plan that benefits both the host site and the community. 

What does this look like? 

- Members helping the community identify and recruit stakeholders (Phase 1) 

- Members and stakeholders working together to create a vision for the community (Phase 2) 

- Developing and conducting community wide needs assessments (Phase 3)

- Identifying  the community needs based on the information from the assessments (Phase 4) 

- Members helping community members to develop a strategic plan to address the community's needs (Phase 5) 

- Running or creating programs to address community needs (Phase 6) 

2019-20 Communities in Action Corps Projects 

Day of Service-MLK Lunch at Crestwood in Sidney

2019-2020 AmeriCorps Cohort 

Back Row L-R: Loren Schweiger-RCHD, Joe White-COA/RCHA, Sunny Asaf-Roosevelt County Health Department, Caysi Johnson-Chamber/Town Hall, Matthew Moilanen-BGC, Angela Zaur-SHC,Wesley Taylor-BGC

Front Row L-R: Megan Souder-Library/RCHD, Molly Brodhead-Team Leader, Liz Sealey-RCHD, Sam Boshoff-RCHA 

Not Pictured: Leigh Emelko-RCHD, Serenity Kuntz-BGC, Lakayla Mitchell-BGC, and Shea Roberts-RCHD. 

2019-2020 Projects 

Integration of Behavioral Health in to Primary Care 

The Meadowlark Initiative 

Mental Health Needs Assessment and Resource Development in Roosevelt County 

Resource Outreach 

Member On-boarding and Host Site Training 

Coordinating National Days of Service 

Digitizing City Records 

Food Backpack and Summer Meal Program 

Boys and Girls Club Marketing 

Mental Health First Aid and QPR Training Program

Mental Health Support Groups 

No Wrong Door Initiative

Connecting Local Youth to Emotional/Mental Health Resources  

Emotional Wellness Campaign  

Daycare and Preschool Literacy Outreach 

Senior Computer Classes 

Workforce Development Needs Assessments 

Family Engagement and Early Childhood Developmental Assessment 

Drug Free Communities Program Building 

Drug Free Communities Social Media Platform 

Public Health Social Media Training 

Health Advocacy Quality Improvement-RCHD

COVID-19 Response and Community Aid 

Senior Citizen Needs Assessment 

Senior Citizen Health Needs Education Plan 

De-Stressfest:Loren Schweiger promoting healthy ways to deal with stress to local teens

Cooking Classes: Matthew Moilanen showing off his cooking skills at the BGC

Christmas Around the World 2019-Molly Brodhead getting ready to explain the history of the poinsettias in Christmas decorations at the library's "Christmas Around the World"

Dragging Main-Leigh Emelko collecting food donations

Senior Computer Program: Joe White assisting Fairview Seniors with using the Start Menu

When COVID-19 struck, AmeriCorps members jumped at the chance to help the community by making masks. Here's member Megan Souder using her sewing machine to help. Our members ended up making around 200 masks.

Serenity Kuntz served during the 2020 Summer Term at the Boys and Girls Club.

Shea Roberts served during the 2020 Summer Term, helping out the new DFC program build a social media presence.

Lakayla Mitchell served during the 2020 Summer Term at the Boys and Girls Club

2018-19 Communities in Action Corps Projects

2018 - 2019 Projects

Richland County Strategic Planning

Implementing Behavioral Health into Primary Care Setting

STEP Up! Curriculum in Eastern MT schools

PACE-eh Assessment (Environmental Quality)

Support Groups Needs Assessments

Mental Health Trainings Plan

Library Outreach Programs

Action Plans for Richland County Strategic Plan (Cancer Coalition, Partnership for Promise, ARC, Mental Health Local Advisory Council, Chronic Disease Coalition)

Developing Volunteers in Action

Veterans Supportive Services Assessment

Leveraged Funding for 1) Support Groups, 2) Walking Path/Park Signage


Office of Rural Health Award 

Angela Zaur consults with a Sidney Health Center provider. Montana currently holds the nation's largest suicide rate. Angela's work plan assessed how a rural hospital responded to mental health crisis.

Lanae King serving at the Sidney-Richland County Public Library. Here she is piloting a library outreach program she created for Richland County preschools.

Sunny Asaf provides health education at a health fair in Terry, MT. Sunny serves with the Richland County Health Department - Chronic Disease.

Ellysse Boughey fits a child for a bicycle helmet during a "Bikes for Tykes" event. Unintential injury is the third leading cause of death in this community (Richland County). This event was sponsored by two community coalitions, Active Richland County (ARC) and DUI Task Force/Injury Prevention.

Communities in Action Corps members assisted in the facilitation of the 2018 Richland County Strategic Planning Conference.

Do you Want to Host a CIA Corps Member? 

All Eastern Montana nonprofit organizations interested in participating or creating a community building process in their area are eligible to host a CIA Corps member. 

A member will serve one year to complete a work plan assigned by a host site organization. 

Current Host Sites include:

Richland County Health Department, Sidney Health Center, Boys and Girls Clubs of the MonDak, Sidney - Richland County Library, Richland County Housing Authority, Sidney Chamber of Commerce, Sidney Town Hall, and Roosevelt County Health Department. 

For the 2020-2021 Service Term, we are expanding to other counties including Dawson, Valley, and Daniels. 

Please contact Kali Godfrey at the Richland County Health Department, (406) 433-2207 or kgodfrey@richland.org to become a CIA Corps Host Site! 

A proud member of the AmeriCorps National Service network!