Our Mission 

The mission of Communities in Action (CIA)  is to provide a structured community platform and foster partnerships to improve quality of life in Richland County. CIA gathers partners from all sectors of Richland County to impact strategic priorities. CIA also conducts the Richland County Quality of Life Assessment and uses the data to create the Richland County Quality of Life Strategic Plan.

 The 2019 - 2021 strategic plan focus areas are: Emotional Wellness, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Chronic Disease, Injury Prevention, Social and Economic Factors, Physical Environment, and Communities in Action Capacity Building. The CIA Action Groups are responsible for creating and completing strategies addressing the goals on the Richland County Quality of Life Strategic Plan.

The Community Building Process 

Communities in Action works on a three year cycle. In the late 90s/early 2000s, community members came together with the intention of improving the quality of life in Richland County. To ensure their success they sought stakeholders, local politicians, and community leaders to help. As the scope for quality improvement grows, Communities in Action repeats this process to meet the needs of Richland County (Phase 1). 

Once the original group was large enough, they established vision and mission statements that would steer their efforts. These statements are also updated on a 3-year cycle, the last time being 2017 (Phase 2). 

At the end of each cycle, Communities in Action conducts a community wide survey (Phase 3). The purpose of these surveys is to assess the quality of life in Richland County in order to identify the community's needs. The results from the assessment help the group identify the pressing needs of the community (Phase 4). Based on this information, the Steering Committee will create the Strategic Plan with the goals, strategies, and action plans for the next three year cycle (Phase 5). Within each Action Group, Communities in Action is able complete the Action Cycle (Phase 6). Internally the Action Groups are also using the MAPP process to reach goals, and they may use variations of it in order to best suit their purposes and goals. For example, they may include more or different assessments before entering the Action Cycle. 

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 

Action Groups 

What are Action Groups?

An Action Group is made up of various agencies, organizations, and individuals interested in addressing specific goals identified by a larger group such as the Steering Committee. These goals can be ongoing like drug prevention or a one-time goal of funding the building of a park. 

Comparatively, the groups and individuals involved might be drawn from a narrow area of interest, or might include representatives of nearly every segment of the community, depending upon the scope of the issue the group is attempting to solve. Once goals are identified and an Action Group is formed, the group will leverage collective impact through partnerships to effect positive change. 

CIA Action Groups 

- Partnership for Promise

- Cancer Coalition 

- Chronic Disease Coalition

- Active Richland County 

- DUI/Injury Prevention Task Force

- Mental Health LAC

- Faith Based Organizations

- Richland County Nutrition Coalition

- The Dry Society 

The pages for "The Dry Society" and the coalition for economic health in the community are currently under construction. Check back with a soon to learn more about are newest action groups.

                                                   - The Communities in Action Team 

Communities in Action Accomplishments 

Communities in Action won a photo contest sponsored by the Montana Office of Rural Health in November,  2018.

Richland County Communties in Action has been in place for over a decade, working through Action Groups to address community needs, and build a health community. This program and its Action Groups envision Richland County as being a healthy, clean, and safe place for families and individuals to grow. 

Communities in Action Corps

Communities in Action is the foundation of an AmeriCorps program: Communities in Action Corps (CIA Corps). CIA Corps members serve to increase Eastern Montana organizations' capacity to utilize a community building process and collective impact. 

Nonprofit organizations are eligible to host Communities in Action Corps members to complete a work plan assigned by that organization. 

If you are interested in hosting a Communities in Action Corps member, please contact Stephanie Reynolds at the Richland County Health Department, (406) 433-2207 or stephanie.reynolds@richland.org.

Please contact Stephanie Reynolds at the Richland County Health Department (406) 433-2207 or stephanie.reynolds@richland.org for alternative versions of assessments and reports.