Community and Clinical Linkages

The Wellness Referral Center (WRC) receives referrals from healthcare providers for community wellness activities for their patients with chronic diseases. The WRC actively connects patients to evidence-based, community support services like cooking classes, exercise and dance classes, and six week Chronic Disease Self-Management Program workshops.

All of the offered resources welcome and encourage family members, friends and/or caregivers to attend with the person referred effectively delivering prevention activities to friends or family members at risk for chronic disease and building social support for successful behavior change. Because of growing demand there is a continuous effort to find, grow, and develop more wellness programs that meet the need of the various communities and populations within Albuquerque and surrounding counties.

“I learned how staying healthy is so important to one’s life and I am able to enjoy teaching my grand kids how to have fun in a very healthy way”–Wellness Referral Center walking group participant