Community Assets

According to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, a community asset or resource is anything that improve the quality of community life. Asset mapping provides information about the strengths and resources in a community and is a useful tool for developing solutions to community issues. This tool also promotes community involvement, ownership, and empowerment.

Assets include:

-The capacities and abilities of community members.

-A physical structure or place, such as a school, hospital or church.

-A business that provides jobs and supports the local economy.

-Associations of citizens, such as a neighborhood watch, or a parent-teacher organization.

-Local private, public and nonprofit institutions or organizations.

Asset mapping was conducted at the 2018 Strategic Planning Conference, in which many community members provided input.

SOAR Analysis

A SOAR analysis was also conducted at the 2018 Strategic Planning Conference. A SOAR analysis is a strategic planning tool that focuses on an organization's or community's current strengths and vision of the future for developing its strategic goals. SOAR stands for "strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results." The basic questions addressed by a SOAR analysis are:

-What are our greatest strengths?

-What are our best opportunities?

-What is our preferred future?

-What are the measurable results that will tell us if we've achieved that vision of the future?

These two asset-mapping tools were developed by community members and used to inform the development of the Richland County Quality of Life Assessment, and the Richland County Quality of Life Strategic Plan.