Community Health Assessment




The current health status of Mason County residents has improved over time as demonstrated by an increase in the life expectancy of the average resident (1). Some other strengths to highlight in this report include graduation rates, arrest rates, health insurance rates, unemployment rates and water and air quality.

• Graduation rates in Mason County are improving (2)

• Crime rates for youth are lower for all types of crime and have decreased over the past decade (3)

• Crime rates for adults are lower for property crime (3)

• Binge drinking rates for both adults and youth have decreased over time (4,5)

• Unemployment rates are decreasing (6)

• The number of individuals in Mason County who have health insurance is increasing (7)

• Water quality continues to improve (8)

• Air quality is good for the majority of the days in each year (9)


In addition to demonstrating our strengths, this report has highlighted some areas where Mason County can work to make improvements. Some notable measures where improvements could be made include substance use, obesity, safe sex practices, and poverty.

• Cigarette smoking rates remain higher than the state for both adults and youth (4,5)

• Electronic cigarette or ‘vaping’ rates are increasing (4,5,10)

• The rate of drug overdose deaths from any type of drug is higher in Mason County (11)

• Adult and youth obesity rates remain higher than the state (4,5,12)

• The increase in Chlamydia cases demonstrate a reduction in safe sex practices (13,14)

• The population of Mason County residents that live in poverty remains higher than the state (15)

• One third of residents are housing cost burdened (16,17)

The findings of this assessment will be used to identify the health priorities of focus for the Mason County Community Health Improvement Plan. The purpose of the Community Health Improvement Plan is to develop strategies to address the health priorities that are identified by the Community Health Improvement Plan Committee.

Questions about this report may be directed to

Melissa Casey, MPH

Community Health Education Specialist

Mason County Community Services

360-427-9670 ext. 406


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