Urban Agriculture Growing Space

Gardening is Healthy Work!

PP4H is working to expand and improve physical activity options and remove barriers to healthy lifestyle behaviors. By improving the local environment, which includes urban gardening, we hope to create sustainable, healthy eating habits and a fulfilling activity.

The Giving Garden and PP4H

 The Giving Garden and Broadview Garden Partner With Proviso East High School 

Both the Giving Garden and the PEHS Wellness Committee are partners of Proviso Partners for Health, a community coalition. The Wellness Committee connects the PEHS community to the Giving Garden. So far this has mostly been by getting students involved in the garden with leadership from Ms. Marcia LaPorte. But in the future, PEHS students will learn about running a business as the Giving Garden will start selling its produce to the PEHS community. In addition, the PEHS cafeteria may also purchase produce from this community resource.

By participating in and learning about urban agriculture and food access, the students had an opportunity to work in an environment they may not have previously experienced. More importantly, students have gained skills they can use in any work or life situation - leadership skills, teamwork, patience, and an understanding of community dynamics, service, confidence, and pride.

Since 2010, garden space throughout the Proviso Township has grown.

How we connect: Proviso Partners for Health (PP4H), Gardening and our Youth 

The vision for Proviso Partners for health was born several years ago as community members and organizations sat at a community meeting hosted by the Cook County Department of Public Health.

We had heard of each other but never met. This particular meeting highlighted the rising frustrations surrounding community health. Grocery stores were closing, crime was increasing and there was a severe lack of after-school activities for children and young adults.

Where some people might see a lost cause, we saw an opportunity to improve the health of the community and the well-being of the youth by working together.

We started with the idea of a farmer’s market that could provide a healthy food option and give young people an opportunity for out of school activities, now that has grown to a coalition of the willing and here is our story….the story of our community and our coalition, which is as organic as the produce we grow.

A garden grows

Growing for our Future