COVID-19 Dashboard
Tehama County, CA

Update schedule: Once per day at midnight with numbers from the previous business day.

COVID-19 testing within the county can take place at different sites and our case information comes from a variety of sources including; Quest Diagnostics, LHI (OptumServe), University California San Francisco, and the state’s CalREDIE system. We are able to access our local information from most of these sources faster than what the state is able to do. As a result, we are noticing that the state reporting has lagged behind our actual numbers. The numbers on the Tehama County COVID-19 Dashboard reflect the most real-time information available for our county. 

It’s also important to note that the state evaluates several factors before placing a county on the County Monitoring List.  For example, if a county has a metric that is over the state threshold the state monitors that for a period of 3 days before putting that county on the Monitoring List. In addition, Tehama County participates in calls throughout the month with the state’s data team to evaluate the county’s mitigation plan and how the plan is being implemented.  All of these factors are taken into consideration by the state before placing a county on the Monitoring List.

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Note: Federal definition of ventilators recently changed, resulting in a change to the total ventilator availability value.


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