COVID-19 Dashboard
Town of Foxborough, MA

About this Dashboard

The Foxborough Health Department's COVID-19 Dashboard provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Data in this dashboard is compiled using the most recent Massachusetts Department of Public Health's information and can be used by Foxborough residents and businesses to make their own COVID-19 health related decisions. 

This weekly dashboard includes the following data:

- Foxborough - 14 Day Average Daily Incidence Rate

- Foxborough - 14 Day Percent Positivity Rate

- Foxborough - 14 Day Confirmed Case Count

- Customizable COVID-19 data and forecasting numbers through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (United States through Norfolk County, MA)

- Number of vaccinated Foxborough residents by age group

- Local COVID-19 vaccination locations

 Contact the Foxborough Health Department at (508) 543-1207 for questions or comments regarding this information.   

14 Day Average Daily Incidence Rate in Foxborough

An incidence rate is the number of new cases divided by the number of people living in the geographic area. MDPH calculates rates per 100,000 population using denominators estimated by the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute using a modified Hamiliton-Perry model (Strate S, et al. Small Area Population Estimates for 2011 through 2020, report, Oct 2016.) Rates are used to compare data between geographic areas that have different population sizes.

14 Day Percent Positivity in Foxborough

Percent positivity is calculated using molecular tests only. Percent positivity is calculated by dividing the number of positive tests by the total number of tests during the time period.

14 Day Case Count in Foxborough

A person is counted as a confirmed case of COVID-19 when they have their first positive molecular test. They might have multiple tests but are only counted once.

Note: 0 represents less than 5 reportable cases within the 14 day period.

Weekly Community Status

COVID-19 Forecast Data

Use the below module to explore COVID-19 forecast data from CDC COVID Data Tracker.


Partially vaccinated individuals: An individual is counted as partially vaccinated if they have received only the 1st dose of a two-dose vaccine (currently Moderna and Pfizer).

Fully vaccinated individuals: An individual is counted as fully vaccinated if they have received the number of doses required to complete the COVID-19 vaccine series. This is measured as the total number of 2nd doses of Moderna and Pfizer administered and reported plus the total number of Johnson & Johnson does administered and reported.

Visit to find a vaccination site near you