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Interactive Data Dashboard 

The Greater Nashua Public Health Region (GNPHR) Interactive Data Dashboard presents a broad range of important public health indicators through an interactive web-based application. The Dashboard provides a way for individuals and organizations to learn about the health status of their community. This collaborative platform provides data from community level to national data. Tables and figures can be customized by age, gender, race/ethnicity, geographic location, etc. to explore different trends and patterns. In addition, the Dashboard provides information about highlighted community activities and areas of interest. The Dashboard is ever changing and topic areas change over time to highlight new and exciting trends. It is a powerful launch point for data-driven conversations.

Who We Are

The Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services (DPHCS) is the chief public health strategist for the Greater Nashua Region, and the first accredited health department in New Hampshire. We provide a range of direct services and engage a variety of partners on strategic initiatives to ensure the health and well being of every member of our community. 

Our Mission

To promote, protect and preserve the health and well being of the Greater Nashua Region through leadership and community collaboration.  

Our Vision

To have an informed, safe, healthy and resilient community where all people can thrive and prosper.  

How to use the Interactive Data Dashboard


This is the City of Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services' Interactive Data Dashboard home page. From this page, you can navigate throughout our city pages, highlighted data pages, and community health assessment pages.

Data Requests

If you would like to access any data on this site in CSV or Excel format, please contact Angela Consentino (ConsentinoA@nashuaNH.gov), Epidemiologist, with a clear description of the information you are requesting.


Should you encounter any technical difficulty in navigating this site, please send an email to Nicole Viau (ViauN@nashuanh.gov), Health Promotion and Communication Specialist, clearly indicating the problem you encountered.

Interactive Chart Features


Some charts and graphs on LiveStories can be manipulated using the Filter key. The Filter key is located at the top of the graph or chart, underneath the title. Click on the Filter key to toggle between location, year, or other data indicator.

Sharing Charts

A chart can be shared in many different ways. You can access them by using the chart's "three dots" menu icon in the upper right corner.

·       Facebook Share: Sends your chart as a Facebook message, using whichever account the computer is logged into at the time. Automatically adjusts for the small screen size of a mobile device.

·       Tweet: Sends your chart to a twitter message. Automatically assigns a short URL and adjusts for the small screen size of a mobile device.

·       Download as PNG: Allows you to set the pixel size, then download the chart as a PNG image file. This image can be imported into a WORD or PowerPoint document for an offline presentation.

Using the Legend

Charts and graphs on any LiveStories page can be manipulated using the legend key. Select and deselect a legend indicator you are interested in to manipulate the graph or chart.

Community Health Assessment

Community Health Assessments (CHAs) provide information on many health topics and help identify resources which assist health departments with policy formulation, program implementation, and evaluation. The purpose of the CHA is to identify vulnerable populations using comparable data within the Greater Nashua Public Health Region and to subsequently identify trends in health issues, environmental health hazards, and social and economic factors that affect the populations’ health. 

Data will be used to identify priority issues among these communities and develop strategies for further action which are outlined in the form of a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP creates a foundation for a work plan to improve the health of the community over the course of three years’ time. 

Highlighted Data & Activities