The DUI & Injury Prevention Task Force is a group of dedicated partners in Richland County who complete strategies in the Richland County "Quality of Life" Strategic Plan related to Driving Under the Influence Prevention and Injury prevention. 

DUI Prevention Goals: 

The goals of Richland County DUI Task Force is to: 

1. To educate the community on "what responsible drinking looks like." 

2. Educate the retail establishments on the consequences of over service.

3. Reducing injuries and fatalities from impaired driving related crashes through public education and awareness. 

Injury Prevention Goals: 

The goals of Richland County Injury Prevention is to:

1. Decrease unintentional injuries and deaths related to them by implementing action steps identified in the "Richland County Strategic Plan" 

2. Evaluate the impact of the action and continue to assess the needs of the community. 


Pedal Karts were purchase with funds from the Foundation for Community Care

Current Projects: 

1. Binge Drinking Education: Currently, the Task Force is providing education material for bars and patrons about binge drinking and when people should be cut-off. 

2. Last Call Surveys: Collecting data about where critical data about education and awareness should be placed. 

Past Projects: 

1. Impaired Driving Prevention Education: Youth in the community wore "drunk" goggles and navigated pedal karts through an obstacle course in order to understand how driving impaired makes staying on the road more difficult. 

2. Holiday Token Project: Providing rides to bar patrons and holiday party-goers during the holiday season. 

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Don Smies, dsmies@richland.org or by phone at (406) 433-2207.