Active Transportation in Fresno County

Not all Fresno County communities are walkable or bikeable.

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Participants noted the unexpected disappearance of the bicycle lane on South Chestnut Avenue between East Kings Canyon Road and East Balch Avenue. City representatives speculated that this was possibly due to utility or other construction work that did not properly restore the bicycle lane when work was finished.

-Fresno Walkability Assessment

In 2015, four walkability assessments were conducted along Ventura Street/Kings Canyon Road and Blackstone Avenue, in relation to seven planned Blackstone/Kings Canyon Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Stations. These walkability assessments collected information about how easy it is to walk and bike in a community. 

Key findings that apply to both walking and biking were: 

-Unwelcoming environment for people walking and biking. 

-High traffic volumes and speeds.

-Lack of lighting

-Neighborhood infrastructure inequities and neglect, specifically numerous potholes, poor pavement condition, damaged/illegible signage, and faded pavement markings.

Key findings that apply to walking only were:

-Uneven, broken, narrow, or missing sidewalks or curb ramps. Sidewalk obstructions also present. 

-Lack of transit infrastructure, such as bus stops with benches, trash receptacles, and shade. 

-Inadequate pedestrian crossings and long distances between marked crossings. 

-Pedestrian improvements needed at elementary schools: Susan B. Anthony Elementary School and Mario G. Olmos Elementary School.

Key findings that apply to biking only were:

-Lack of bike infrastructure, such as dedicated bike lanes. 

-Discontinuous bike lanes

Fresno lacks bike infrastructure.

The cities of Fresno and Clovis have bicycle infrastructure that shows how the investment history has differed by geography. Areas of Fresno with higher socioeconomic status have more investment in bicycle infrastructure. Areas of Fresno with lower socioeconomic status have less.  

The map below shows that bike infrastructure is lacking in southern Fresno. For example, North Fresno has more dedicated bike trails than South Fresno. Although expansions are planned, they have not been implemented yet.  

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This project is a collaboration between Cultiva la Salud and the Public Health Institute.