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To the right are a few properties that Halsell Builders are working on that will provide affordable housing to Santa Barbara County. There are quite a few developers and agencies working together in the county currently to develop units that will be used to house our most vulnerable individuals, and the chart to the right is an example of some of the work that is being done.

One of the properties, the Cox Bungalows, have been in the pipeline for quite a while and have been presented at previous Funders Collaborative meetings. On March 20th, after the Funders Collaborative meeting, the Planning Commission of the City of Santa Maria reviewed the project, as there were parking concerns. As of now, the discussion has been continued to the next meeting. 

In order to fund these projects, build these units, and house our individuals and families experiencing homelessness, we need to support our builders, our landlords, and our residents who are willing to work with us to create change in our communities. There will be challenges, but in order to house those who are living in shelters, in cars, and on the streets, we need to create room for them. 

Grant Committee

We can also work as a team to search for grants and funding opportunities. If you know of any current funding opportunities that are not being pursued in Santa Barbara County, click the button below to the right to submit information regarding the opportunity to our Funders Collaborative Grants Committee. 

Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool

The Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool will provide a rental housing subsidy that is paired with supportive ("wrap-around") services for Santa Barbara County's most vulnerable populations. These vulnerable individuals and families are often the highest utilizers of health care and law enforcement services. 

Northern Santa Barbara County United Way launched the FHSP in March 2019 with funds from the Homeless Emergency Aid Program. The FHSP will continue to be funded by a combination of public and private sources.

This public-private partnership will be sustainable, impactful, and cost-effective. Government entities can challenge the scope of public health in order to meet the unique needs of their clients, and this shift will lead to positive impacts for individuals and families experiencing homelessness as well as the communities and organizations that support and live alongside of them. By housing our highest utilizers of public resources, we can save our local hospitals and law enforcement agencies time, money, and stress. The public private partnership allows for private investors to jump start important initiatives and programs, and those investors can rely on matching funds from public sources.


Special thank you to partners such as Towbes Group and McDonald's (Pickle & Peanut Restaurants) for stepping out and leading the fight for private sector funding.

Good Samaritan Shelters
Behavioral Wellness
Towbes Group
Department of Public Health
Sanctuary Centers
The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara
The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara
Dignity Health
Crestwood Church
Catholic Charities
Lompoc Valley Medical Center
Lompoc PD
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
Coast Valley Treatment
Mission Hotel
Veteran's Service Office
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Prepare to Care
Santa Barbara County Housing and Community Development
Micah Mission
People Helping People
Public Defender's Office
Social Services
Animal Control
Family Services Agency
Santa Maria Police Department
Santa Maria City Rangers
Adult Protective Services

Independent Resource Living Center
New Beginnings
Community Health Centers
McDonald's / Pickle and Peanut Restaurants
Rape Crisis Center
Doctors Without Walls
Rescue Mission
Frank Thompson Housing Consultants
Showers of Blessings
Halsell Builders
Planting a Seed
Transitions Mental Health
Social Venture Partners
The Downtown Org
Cottage Health
The District Attorney's Office
Freedom Warming Centers
Transition House
Fund for Santa Barbara
People's Self Help Housing
Salvation Army
Santa Barbara Street Medicine
Domestic Violence Solutions
Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley
Community Action Commission
City and County Elected Officials
& More.