Gun Violence in Allegan County, Michigan

The data in this report includes all deaths classified by the CDC with firearms as the "mechanism." It includes all intents—both homicides and suicides. Despite much of the national focus on homicide gun deaths, roughly two-thirds of all firearm-related deaths are suicides. 

Note: data may not be available for all counties, or small population segments within a county. The CDC does not report rate data if the numerator has fewer than 20 deaths, or counts of fewer than 10 deaths.

How does gun violence vary by sex in Allegan County, Michigan?

How do victims of gun violence differ by race in Allegan County?

How does gun violence vary by intent in Allegan County?

About the Data

Mortality data in this story was queried from the CDC Wonder API, based on the following parameters:

• Data reported as Underlying Cause of Death, ICD-10 codes: W32-W34, X72-X74, X93-X95, Y22-Y24, Y35.0. Firearm homicides are: X72-X74. Firearm suicides are: X93-X95.