Health Outcomes

Health Outcomes represent how healthy a population is at any given time. As illustrated in the County Health Rankings model, these outcomes reflect the physical and mental well-being of residents within a community through measures representing both the length of life and quality of life. 

This section outlines:

Mortality (Length of Life)

• Life Expectancy
• Leading Causes of Death
• Premature Life Loss
• Infant Mortality

Morbidity (Quality of Life)

• Leading Causes of Hospitalization
• Physical Health
• Mental Health
• Spirituality

Health Through the Life Course 

(Health Across the Life Span)

 Infant & Child Health
• Adolescent Health
• Maternal Health
• Older Adults

Mortality (Length of Life)

Morbidity (Quality of Life)

Physical Health & Mental Health

Health Through the Life Course (Health Across the Life Span)

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