Computers and Broadband in Cleveland and Peer Cities

Internet Adoption in Cleveland Trails Peer Cities

Story by Amy Sheon

Internet use in Cleveland trails that in the United States as a whole, and in five peer cities.

At all levels of education, Cleveland residents have the lowest or next to lowest rates of internet adoption. In most education categories, adoption in Cleveland, already the lowest or next to lowest of all cities, has plateaued.  In most other cities and in the US, rates have continue to rise among all education levels.  

Internet adoption rates among unemployed individuals are especially worrisome in Cleveland

Youth are the future.  While internet adoption among those under age 18 is on the upswing, more than 15% of youth do not have a computer and a broadband subscription in the household.

Rates of computer ownership with broadband are growing fastes among seniors over age 65.  This population is especially important for health in light of the growing value of the internet for managing health.  Yet use by Cleveland seniors lags use in other cities considerably and the rate of increase plateaued in 2017 whereas the rate rose in all other cities and in the US.

Data in all of these charts are from the American Community Survey 1 Year Estimates, Table S2802.