In 2018, Home for Good Santa Barbara County became an entity. One year later, we have some clear results from our work.

VISPDATs, or Vulnerability Index - Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tools, were completed county-wide at regional entry points and by our partners over the course of 2018. These tools, or surveys, are completed by individuals or families experiencing homelessness and then entered into our Homeless Information Management System (HMIS). 

The HMIS system allows us to better understand the entire picture - the VISPDAT features questions such as "In the past six months, how many times have you been hospitalized as an inpatient? Taken an ambulance to the hospital?" and "Do you have planned activities, other than just surviving, that make you feel happy and fulfilled?"


In HMIS, there were 737 reported permanent housing placements in 2018 (by all partners, countywide).

The break down looks like this:
• 215 of those placements were individuals experiencing homelessness.
• 153 of those individuals remained in their placements for more than 90 days.
• 423 families were placed in rental housing, and 328 of those families remained in their placements for more than 90 days. That's a 78% retention rate.
• 92 individuals and families were placed with friends and families. That 90 day retention rate is just below 50%. 

The permanent housing placements for the county are up from 2017, where 585 individuals and families were reported as entering permanent housing, and 309 remained placed for more than 90 days. In 2018, 528 individuals and families remained placed for more than 90 days. That is a 71% increase in one year.

These numbers are impressive, but every number represents a person, a family, a future.

Here are a few recent stories and quotes from our AmeriCorps members.

"My client has been sober for 83 days as of today. This is the longest that she has been sober since she started using."

"He was overjoyed to have his own place... [that is] looking more like a home rather than just a place to sleep."

"This week during our weekly outreach in town, we were finally able to have Barbara from Behavioral Wellness join us! [...] I was finally able to introduce the client I have with severe paranoia to Barbara, and he agreed to make an appointment with her once his MediCal is active! That is such a huge step for him, so that is by far my largest victory this week."

"After five years of life on "the hill", two years of outreach, working on document readiness, obtaining a Section 8 voucher, being included in the riverbed sweep, riverbed triage, and alternating between staying at the warming shelter and bus stops at night, yesterday we were finally able to obtain housing for an amazingly sweet, patient, and grateful gentleman. Once we had keys in hand, we called his senior citizen mom who's been frequently checking on the status of things, and we gave her the great news! Saying that she was relieved and elated would be the understatement of the year."

"She was... so very excited that finally she would have a safe place for herself and her children."

"I met a single mother of two children in the library. She was hopeless after being homeless with her two small children since the middle of 2018. She felt there was no hope. She's been looking for a two bedroom unit for herself and her children each day, and she was been trying to locate a place for her and her children to sleep at night. Many nights, she had to sleep in a vehicle with her two children... Lilly Ortiz [administered a VISPDAT, and we] had her fill out the application [for housing]. She was approved for a two bedroom cottage and was so very excited that finally she would have a safe place for herself and her children. When I called her to tell her that the uint had passed inspection and that she needed to go to the rental office to fill out paperwork and get her keys, the whole office heard her excited scream through the phone."


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