What We Need


As a follow-up to the Point in Time Count, we recently conducted a Needs Assessment Survey that, as of March 21st, 2019, has been completed by 88 individuals. The survey asked participants to rate their perception of service and housing availability on a scale of 1 (not available) to 5 (very available) for different demographics in North, Mid, and South County. Below are some of the results.

Now that we know who has answered the survey, we can look at how available they believe emergency shelters, outreach, permanent supportive housing, prevention, and rapid re-housing to be throughout Santa Barbara County for different groups.

Keep in mind that 3 = "Somewhat Available". Anything less than that is verging on "Not Available".  

There are two main takeaways from this survey: outreach is being done, and housing is not available. 

We know the population that needs housing, but we do not have the capacity to house them all. As seen above, we have housed some -- but have we done enough? It doesn't look like it. If you keep reading, you'll see more about this need and we'll show you some solutions.