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Housing is foundational to the economic vitality of any community. How quickly have home values changed? Which neighborhoods have the most expensive rent? Understanding the housing picture in {county} is essential for economic development. 

How do home values vary in {county}, {state}?

Home value is the respondent's estimate of how much the property (house and lot, mobile home and lot, or condominium unit) would sell for if it were for sale. For vacant units, value was the price asked for the property.

How does the cost of rent vary in {county}, {state}?

Gross rent includes both the contract rent and any additional utility and fuel costs. Housing units surveyed as "no rent paid" are excluded from the median calculation.

About the Data

• Median home value is from ACS Table B25077. 

• Median gross rent is from ACS Table B25064.

Note that the data shown is from 5-year estimates. The ACS inflation-adjusts these figures to the final year of each 5-year period.