How to Use This Site


The Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Measures site is designed to bring you data on the Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Core Measures and Leading Indicators.

Each page begins with the data at the national level. You can search for your city, county, or state. If data are available at that level, the page will automatically reconfigure the data around your location!

Use the search bar to quickly find data for your state, county, or city. 

You can also browse your way through the data. The top level shows national data. If you scroll down the page, you can click on a state you’re interested in to see the data for that state. At the bottom of the page, you will see links to data for counties within the state. Sub-county data will appear in the county pages if data are available.


With each measure, we have added descriptions of what the measure is so that anyone from a community resident to a policy maker could understand and use the data. We have also included links to learn more, read stories, and act. These links will navigate you to a rich array of resources, including other great measurement resources.

At the bottom of each page, additional measures from the Flexible Expanded Set are listed as “Other Interesting Measures to Consider.” Most of these measures do not have great data availability at this time. As more data become available, we will continue to update this website with the data.

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