How to Use WIN in Your Work

The WIN Framework offers a living library of common measures that can be easily used across sectors and initiatives. In addition to tried and true measures that are part of Core Measures and Leading Indicators, the WIN Framework also offers innovative measures that can be adapted for specific initiatives. Because of these features, users have found it easy to apply and adopt during the testing period (described in more detail later in the report). As a result, many communities, states, and initiatives have already adopted this approach. The WIN measures are currently being used to:

Identify measures for national initiatives that can be applied across a wide variety of communities.

• Use the WIN Measures tab to find a measure that’s right for your initiative!

• If you don’t find one that fits, consider going to Measure What Matters for a larger set of curated measures that aligns with WIN at

Monitor the health, well-being, and equity of a population over time.

• Use the WIN website to find opportunities for improvement

• Integrate relevant WIN Core Measures and Leading Indicators into your community or state needs assessments

• Check out the Flexible Expanded Set for additional measures that might matter to you

 Analyze how the work you are doing to create change translates to overall improvements in the well-being of people, the well-being of places, and equity

Understand and drive improvements in health, well-being, and equity.

 Use measures like Cantril’s ladder and other leading indicators before, during, and after implementation.

 Depending on the measure, we suggest that you consider measuring every 3-6 months

 Tools like Measure What Matters offers a free way for communities to collect data and track their progress, including collecting survey data for Cantril’s ladder over time

Understand health, well-being, and equity in population segments.

 Our measurement team may be able to help you test and adapt these measures for your population. Email us at to request a consultation. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Compare the health and well-being of communities through the development of an index.

 Use WIN to identify valid measures for your index.

• Decide how you will weight the different elements of your index based on what matters to you.

 Our measurement team may be able to help you with this. Email us at to request a consultation. We will do our best to accommodate you.

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