Lake Lotawana Report Card

Demographic and Socioeconomic Indicators

According to the 2013-2017 population estimates, the city of Lake Lotawana had 2,173 residents. Of these, 48.9% were male and 51.1% were female. 98.1% of the population in Lake Lotawana identified as White and 3.2% identified as Hispanic or Latino. Additionally, 3.6% of Lake Lotawana residents are living below the poverty level.

Life Expectancy in Lake Lotawana

Life Expectancy at birth provides an estimate of the number of years a person is expected to live. A high life expectancy can be attributed to a number of factors, including improved lifestyle, better education, higher income, and greater access to healthcare. A low life expectancy can bring to light existing health disparities in a community, such as crime, poverty, and poor access to affordable healthcare. In Lake Lotawana, the Census Tract 139.01 has a life expectancy of 82.2 years which is 6th out of 78 Census Tracts in EJC. Life expectancy in Lake Lotawana is higher than EJC's life expectancy at 77.7. 

National Center for Health Statistics. U.S. Small-Area Life Expectancy Estimates Project (USALEEP): Life Expectancy Estimates File for {Jurisdiction}, 2010-2015]. National Center for Health Statistics. 2018. Available from:

Data on community opinions are not available for Lake Lotawana.

Lake Lotawana does not have policies on Fluoride, Tobacco 21, Clean Indoor Air, Electronic Cigarettes, Limiting Tobacco Retailers, and Food Inspection Scores.