Local Data Reports

LiveStories includes hundreds of indicators and visualizations, localized for every county in the United States.
To read the data story for your local community, follow the links below.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Substance abuse prevention and treatment are a top priority for state and local health departments. This data report provides an overview of drug and alcohol use in your state compared to the national average between 2011 and 2016. 

Food Access and SNAP

This report explores USDA data on food access and insecurity in your county and state. It also covers data on SNAP beneficiaries, stores, and local expenditures.

The Burden of Diabetes

Since 1980, diabetes prevalence has increased from 3.5% to nearly 10% of American adults. This report explores local data on both prevalence and mortality, along with statistics focused on the elderly population. 

Trends in Public Health

The CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System—BRFSS for short—is a survey of public health conducted in every state of America. This report highlights some of the most important indicators from BRFSS and shows the trends for your state. 

How Your County is Changing

Based on 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey, this free report illuminates your county's vital demographics, income, housing, and transportation statistics. It also shows how these statistics have changed over the past decade in your county, along with its surrounding counties. 

The Opioid Epidemic

Deaths from opioids—which include prescription painkillers and heroin—have skyrocketed since the late 1990's. This report shows the trends and geographical context on opioid and heroin overdose deaths for your state and county.

Geographical Mobility

Each year, roughly 2 percent of Americans move from one state to another. See how these "geographically mobile" newcomers are reshaping your state and county.

The American Community Survey: Veterans

Based on data from the American Community Survey, this report shows the composition of your county's veteran population, including population, periods of service, and median income.

Poverty and Income Inequality

Compared to much of the developed world, rich Americans are richer, and poor Americans are poorer. This report breaks down the data for your county, including what the trend looks like and how your county compares to neighboring counties.

Jobs and Unemployment

Not all industries recovered equally from the Great Recession. Some didn't recover at all. This reports shows jobs and unemployment data for your county.