Monterey County Core Metrics

The health care system is characterized by inefficiencies in spending and resource use, such that, according to the 2013 Institute of Medicine's report Best Care at Lower Cost, an estimated 30 percent of health care spending is wasted. This is why the Vital Signs Core Metrics report included Care Cost as a domain. Health care costs pose a challenge for the budgets of the federal and state governments, businesses, and families. Indicators that track health care costs are included in the Care Cost domain.

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Care Cost

Per Capita Expenditures on Health Care

Medi-Cal expenditures per capita are lower in Monterey County than in the state overall. 

Medicare reimbursements per enrollee are slightly lower in Monterey County than in California overall, and lower than in the United States overall. 

Technical Notes

Total Medi-Cal reimbursements were calculated using data from the California Department of Health Care Services. Per capita expenditures were calculated as the sum of Medi-Cal Free for Services Expenditure and Managed Care Expenditure divided by total Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Total Medicare reimbursements were documented for calendar year 2013 in the Dartmouth Atlas using claims-based prices and were adjusted for age, race, and sex. 

Nearly two-thirds of people who are eligible for Medi-Cal speak Spanish in Monterey County (59%), which is higher than the percentage in California (35%). 

Technical Notes

Percent of Medi-Cal Eligibles by language were presented by the California Department of Health Care Services in the Issue Brief Annual Threshold Language Report, May 2014.