October 1 - 31, 2019

Join us during the month of October for a community-wide walking challenge! Start walking and track your steps. 

Get Started Now! 

1. Build Your Team 

2. Choose Your Team Captain 

3. Team Captains - Register Your Team Here

General guidelines:

• Groups of two or more representing worksites or community organizations - like church groups, families, friends or clubs - can compete.

• Only Team Captains, register their teams. Deadline to register is September 26th. Team members do not register, they just log their miles/steps.

Log your miles/steps at least weekly. All miles/steps must be entered by Friday, November 1 by 5 pm. Click here to log.

• Track miles/steps in multiple ways – cell phones, activity bands, pedometers. You may log miles OR steps. *Steps will be converted into miles.

• Weekly rankings will be emailed to the Team Captains. Weekly results can also be found on the Move Your Shoes Facebook Event

How do you win? The Worksite and Community Team that averages the most miles per person will win the challenge. Winning Worksite and Community Team will receive a Traveling Trophy! And bragging rights!

Congrats to Glanbia Nutritionals (Worksite) and Saheli (Community) for winning the 2018 Move Your Shoes Challenge! 

Weekly Standings:


Contact Information: 

Please contact  Julie Viele  at moveyourshoessgf@gmail.com or  (417-864-2077).