Ohio Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (OIMRI)

Who We Are

The Ohio Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (OIMRI) program was created by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) in 1994 due to poor prenatal and birth outcomes for African American women and infants. OIMRI is a culturally specific community-based outreach and care coordination program targeting African American pregnant women and families in high risk communities. Summit County is one of the fourteen OIMRI counties that have been identified in the state of Ohio. In 2012, Summit County Public Health (SCPH) partnered with the Life Link program at Greenleaf Family Center to administer OIMRI programs to Summit County families. Greenleaf Family Center is a 501(c) (3) social service organization that has served families since 1912.

What We Do

Community Health Workers (CHWs) use infant mortality related evidence based and promising practices to eliminate disparities and provide a cultural link to the community and the available resources. Life Link utilizes the Partners for Health Baby, which is an evidence-informed curriculum designed to support a systematic approach to planning and conducting effective home visits. The goals of the program are to improve birth outcomes, maternal health, and infant/child health. Once a pregnant women is linked to the program they are matched with a CHWs who will severe the mother, child, and family until age one. CHWs use community resources and their expertise to uncover family needs and get access to agencies across the community. Last year, a partnership was gained with Fame Fathers to focus on the fatherhood initiative and to highlight co-parenting.

Our Progress

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