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In 2011, the  Lorain County Community Health Assessment (CHA) identified substance use as a priority of focus in this county and developed the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The four goals under the CHIP are related to overdose death, marijuana, binge drinking and tobacco. With the identification to address overdose deaths and with the capacity for Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone) in Lorain County, the Lorain County Opioid Action Team (LCOAT) was formed.

 The Mental Health, Addiction, and Recovery Services (MHARS) of Lorain County and Lorain County Public Health (LCPH) currently serves as the coordinating entities (i.e. Backbone) of the LCOAT (i.e. Backbone). As the coordinating entities, the LCOAT has developed a structure that connects key stakeholders with private and public entities that focus on five strategies:

 1. Reduce the Demand for Opiates

2. Reduce the Supply of Opiates

3. Increase Access to Treatment

 4. Increase Access to Recovery Supports

5. Build sustainable economic opportunities for persons in recovery from Opioid Use Disorder

Want to join the LCOAT or get more information? 

Want to contact a support staff member to join a branch? 

Response Branch: Sarah Lehane- slehane@loraincountyhealth.com

Prescription Opioid & Family Support Branches: Jinx Mastney- jmastney@mharslc.org

Prevention, Education and Information Branch: Tonya Birney- tbirney@mharslc.org

Harm Reduction Branch: Pam Weiland- pweiland@loraincountyhealth.com

Treatment and Recovery and Illegal Supply Control Branches: Amanda Divis- adivis@mahrslc.org

Data Unit: Sarah Reinhold- sreinhold@mharslc.org AND Mitch Dandurand- mdandurand@loraincountyhealth.com

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