History & Purpose

Prior to the formation of Communities in Action, the community recognized the need for a youth oriented coalition and community partners came together to form the Partnership for Promise Coalition. This was modeled after America's Promise, a national group that promised the youth of America, five ways they would help them be successful. Richland County's Partnership for Promise facilitates collaboration with a variety of partners and youth oriented organizations to provide the youth in our community with: 

1) Safe Places

2) Healthy Start

3) Caring Adults

4) Marketable Skills

5) Opportunities to Serve.

Second Thursday of the month

10 A.M

COMMUNITY Services Building Conference Rm. 201


Our Partners: 

Parenting Montana

Boys and Girls Club 

Sidney Richland County Library 

Boys and Girls Club 

Best Beginnings 

Tobacco Prevention

DUI/ Injury Prevention Task Force

Juvenile Probation 

Eastern Montana Mental Health 

Sidney Schools

Hi-Line Homes

Local Officials 

Drug Free Communities 

Partnership For Promise is unique among the Communities in Action groups. It does not act like the other coalitions who focus on specific needs in the community, instead it acts as a "broker" for organizations and groups that focus on kids. It brings these groups to the same table in order for them to find partners and support for their own individual projects. 

It is  through Partnership for Promise that groups have come together to host Tobacco Prevention events, Boys and Girls Club activities, and the first "De-Stress Fest" at Sidney High School.

What We are Facing in Richland County


CIA Corps Member Loren Schwieger worked with the community to identify determinants of a health family.

Partnership for Promise coordinates the activities of several organizations to make a more impactful and positive difference in Richland County communities. 

They helped coordinate: 

1. Red Ribbon Week with Tobacco Prevention

2. Kick Butts Day with Tobacco Prevention

3. Stronger Families, Stronger Communities with AmeriCorps 

4. Story Walk with Best Beginnings and Active Richland County, 

5. Healthy Family Support with Best Beginnings 

6. De-Stress Fest with BGC, Eastern Montana/Parenting Montana, Youth CREW, AmeriCorps, and community members. 

7. Moms of Preschoolers Emotional Wellness and Healthy Family Presentation with Best Beginning and LAC. 

8. Bright by Text with Best Beginnings. 

Destress Fest 

On March March 12th, P4P members from AmeriCorps, Boys and Girls, and Eastern Montana/Parenting Montana partnered with Sidney schools and community members to put on a "De-Stress Fest." The purpose of this was to provide the local high-school students with positive ways to deal with stress like using a journal, exercise, and breathing techniques. Additionally, the partners used a survey to identify stressors and handed out mental health resource cards. 

Each envelope offered students tips and advice for a problem they were struggling with

P4P's Sticker Survey directed local high school students to place stickers on the area that causes them stress. These areas included school, body image, and friends.

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future

—Franklin D. Roosevelt

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Ray Trumpower at trumpwer@midrivers.com