Primary Care Providers

Sufficient availability of primary care physicians increases the likelihood of regular medical care and is correlated with improved health outcomes. Communities that lack primary care providers typically have community members who delay necessary care when sick, which can lead to conditions becoming severe and complicated. In addition, limited access may also force some residents to access medical care through emergency departments, which are poorly equipped to serve the long-term needs of patients.

Source: County Health Rankings


Primary Care Providers per 100k in Clark County in 2017


Primary Care Providers per 100k in Nevada in 2017


Primary Care Providers per 100k in the U.S. in 2017

Southern Nevada's primary care provider rate remains stagnant, well below U.S. level

Despite efforts to attract more doctors to the state and region in recent years, the number of primary care physicians per 100,000 residents in Southern Nevada has remained at 55 since 2012 . During this time, the region's continued population growth has offset increases in the number of physicians practicing in Southern Nevada.

Rates statewide aren't much better. At 57 primary care physicians per 100,000, Nevada sits near the bottom in state rankings, above only Mississippi. Nationally, the primary care provider rate was 75, more than 30 percent higher than Southern Nevada, according to the latest data.