Richland County Nutrition Coalition

Who We Are  


In 2007, the Richland County Nutrition Coalition (RCNC) was included into the Communities in Action community building process to meet needs related to nutrition and health education.  

The mission of the Richland County Nutrition Coalition (RCNC) is to identify food and nutrition needs of the community and pursue those needs in a fun way. RCNC strives to emphasize consistency and encourage personal growth in the area of nutrition.

2019-2021 Strategies 

1. Decrease the responses “don’t know how”, “poor taste”, “no time/busy” as barriers to health eating by providing educational resources.

2. Decrease the responses “cost/expense” and “no fresh produce” by improving access to local resources.

What We Do 

Richland County Nutrition Coalition members prepare "kid-friendly" healthy snacks at a display for Nutrition Month at Renyolds Market.

RCNC members partnered with Richland County Boys and Girls Club to conduct a "Supermarket Sweep." This event taught children to look at the nutrient value in foods.

Richland County Nutrition Coalition provides healthy snacks during the Color Run for the Richland County Boys and Girls Club.

RCNC members improve access to local resources by actively working to increase area knowledge with learning events such as the "Ask Dietitian" activity with the assistance of Katherine Schulz.

Social Media


Educational nutrition related newspaper articles are provided by the RCNC each month that correspond with their social media presence to  promote healthy diets and address healthy eating barriers.

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Interested in joining RCNC?

Please contact- Carrie Krug
Richland County MSU Extension Agent
Phone: (406) 433-1206