Saint Luke's Foundation 

Key Measures

Increase Educational Attainment

Figures below depict several options for displaying SLF Key Measures.  The image below on the left is from the CWRU ARCgis platform that has been pulled into the LiveStories platform.  From within the ARCgis platform, you can select and view multiple indicators in relation to one another.  On the right is an example of a map generated from within LiveStories.

This is an example of a chart comparing education results by race for Cleveland and for Cuyahoga County.

The chart below shows the relationship between education and internet access.  Each dot is a census tract.  As the likelihood of having a high school degree increases, the likelihood of not having internet declines.

Increase Household Financial Stability

Increase Housing Stability

Strengthen Social Connections

Expand Health Eating & Active Living Opportunities

Improve the Environment Surrounding Saint Luke's to be a Neighborhood of Choice