Using SCALE Tools 

In our community health coalition, everyone learns and everyone leads.

The Healthy Northern Kennebec coalition includes over 200 health, education, social service, business and faith community leaders.  We learn to use new tools and share them with our partners in the Greater Waterville area at our monthly coalition meetings. 

Before SCALE, we struggled to include people who live in poverty in community health planning. 

After CHILA 1, we used SCALE tools to fully engage community members with lived experience for the first time.  In May 2015, we celebrated being a part of SCALE with a Healthy Waterville dinner conversation with 48 people, including 15 residents who had experience with hunger and homelessness (31%).  Waterville residents who do not usually have a voice led the discussions. 

Our coalition leaders did not have the experience we needed. 

We challenged our organizations' leaders in the Healthy Northern Kennebec coalition to learn more about Waterville's free food system.  In June and July 2015, we did Plan-Do-Study-Act trials to collect Food Equity & Empathy data. Twenty-two coalition members visited the Waterville Food Bank and Soup Kitchen, to walk in the shoes of the clients.  Each filled out an Empathy Map.  100% had greater awareness of the free food resources.  Empathy increased, but it was not enough. 

We assessed our assets and strengths, not just our needs and problems.

Our people are our best assets. We celebrate signs of strength. We are stronger together. We have everything we need right here.