Tobacco Use and

The 2018 Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use asked students in grades 7 through 12 about their use of tobacco products. Among the respondents in Region 5:

Region 5 students are more likely to use tobacco products than students in Texas overall.

Nearly 42% of students in Region 5 report having "ever used" a tobacco product. In Texas, that figure is just over 30%. Region 5 usage is higher for every type of tobacco product.

Frequency of use in Region 5 varies by grade—and by drug.

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Electronic vapor products are more likely to be used than either cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. E-vapor products are also more likely to have been used recently. Less than 12% of high school seniors reported using cigarettes in the past month; over 24% of seniors had used e-vapor products in the past month.

How easy is it for students to obtain tobacco products?

Students in Region 5 report having a slightly easier time obtaining tobacco than in Texas overall. Over 26% of students in Region 5 said it would be "very easy" to get some tobacco if they wanted it. Throughout Texas, less than 20% of students said it would be "very easy."

Students' confidence in their ability to get tobacco increases dramatically with age in Region 5. Just over 7% of 7th graders said they'd have a very easy time getting tobacco. For 9th graders, that percentage climbs to 25.5%. 

How Students Perceive Risks of Tobacco and E-Vapor Products

Most students of all grade levels view both tobacco and e-vapor products as at least "somewhat" dangerous. However, the breakdown is quite different when students are asked about "tobacco" vs. "electronic vapor products." Tobacco is more likely to be viewed as "somewhat dangerous." E-vapor products, in contrast, are more likely to be viewed as "Not at all dangerous." Nearly 17% of high school seniors in Region 5 do not view e-vapor products as dangerous at all.

"How dangerous do you think it is for kids your age to use..."

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About the Data

All data is from the 2018 Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use. Statewide data can be found here (pdf); Region 5 data is here (pdf). Note that percentages have been weighted to reflect the proportion within the population.