Tools and Strategies

A few of our favorite tools to help you improve:

Ways to look at the data

Healthiest Communities Data Explorer and Site – A way to help you explore all the data for your county aligned with the WIN framework, as well as compare across counties.

City Health Dashboard – Ways to look at subcounty-level data across many of the WIN and related measures.

Community Commons Community Health Needs Assessment Navigator – A free tool to help you run an indicator report of your choice from publicly available data.

Where to start

CDC 6/18 and HI-5 Interventions – A curated set of evidence-based interventions that improve health, improve well-being and improve costs.

Equity Atlas – Policies and tools to create system change to address inequities across sectors.

Healthy Places Index policies – A curated set of policies aligned with most of the domains of the WIN framework designed to help you improve.

Promoting Health and Cost Control in States – State-level policies to improve health and lower cost.

Tools to act

Measure What Matters – Free tool to help you develop a plan for improvement across sectors, then measure and track your improvement. This tool can help you share data across sectors.

Change Library – A searchable database of evidence-based and promising programs, practices, and stories about what improves health, well-being and equity across sectors. Focused on making implementation easier.

What Works for Health – A database of evidence-based programs and policies to improve the health and well-being of communities.

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