Job Accessibility by Transit

Accessibility is the ease of reaching valued destinations. There are a variety of ways to measure accessibility, but the number of destinations reachable within a given travel time is the most comprehensible and transparent as well as the most directly comparable across cities.

Public transit is often used to connect people with their jobs and is a critical part of the economic and social fabric of urban centers. Research finds that poor job accessibility tends to significantly increase the duration of joblessness among lower-paid displaced workers, especially for minorities, females, and the elderly.

Source: University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies - "Access Across America"

Access to jobs via transit in Southern Nevada continues to improve, but still trails peer regions

On average, 9,271 jobs can be accessed via a 30-minutes transit ride in Southern Nevada, which represents a four-year high, according to the Access Across America study. However, the region still ranks behind most peer metro areas, including Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

The graph below shows how many jobs are accessible by transit in Southern Nevada in 10-minute increments. The region's accessibility rankings do get better as travel time increases, improving from 41st nationally at the 10-minute mark to 29th at 30 minutes and 16th at 60 minutes. Click here to view a transit accessibility map of Southern Nevada.

Source: University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies - "Access Across America"

In a weighted average of accessibility, Southern Nevada ranked 21st out of the country's 50 largest metros in 2019, its best ranking in the six years the study has been conducted (see table at right). The weighted average gives a higher weight to closer, easier to access jobs. Jobs reachable within 10 minutes are weighted most heavily, and jobs are given decreasing weights as travel time increases up to 60 minutes.

Overall, job access via transit increased each of the past four years in Southern Nevada, which follows a national trend. Half of the 50 largest metros in the U.S. showed increases in job accessibility by transit from 2018 to 2019. However, Southern Nevada's recent gains were among the greatest in the country. The region’s weighted accessibility improvement ranked fourth nationally. And access to jobs via a 30-minute transit ride jumped nearly 4 percent in the Las Vegas metro area, the eighth highest increase nationally from 2018 to 2019.