Transportation and Commuting
{county}, {state}

Transportation is the lifeblood of any community. How do workers in {county} get to their jobs? Have people shifted their means of transportation over time? How long does it take for people in {county} to get to work, and how do these statistics compare to transportation throughout {state} and in the United States? Understanding the patterns and trends of transportation is vital for economic development.

How do workers commute in {county}?

The American Community Survey, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, publishes detailed estimates on commuters' means of transportation to work. This data is limited to workers 16 years and older, and is collected based on the workers' residences rather than the locations of their jobs. Unlike the Census—which is an exact count of people and households every ten years—ACS statistics are estimated based on a representative survey sample. 

Note: The data here is based on "residence geography"—that is, workers who reside in {county}, including those who commute to other counties for their jobs. Some data is also available for "workplace geography"—that is, commuters who work in {county}, but who may live elsewhere.

How have commuting trends changed in {county}?

How long does it take to commute to work in {county}?

About the Data

• Means of transportation to work as percentages of commuters is from ACS Table: S0801.

• Transportation to work trends are from ACS Table B08301.

• Travel time to work data is from ACS Table S0801.