Chisago County, MN 

Transportation issues can affect a person’s access to health care services. 

These issues may result in missed or delayed health care appointments, increased health expenditures and overall poorer health outcomes. 

Transportation also can be a vehicle for wellness. Developing affordable and appropriate transportation options, walkable communities, bike lanes, bike-share programs and other healthy transit options can help boost health (1).

75% of the workforce in Chisago County commutes out of the county for their employment.

Commute Time

Effective transportation systems is about whether people are able to get to their jobs and the amount of time they spend commuting. It is about whether transportation is affordable and everyone can access it. It is about whether the transportation system and infrastructure allow people to live their lives. Transportation is related to everything from job access to healthcare access.

Our health is shaped by our ability to access schools, jobs, goods and services, and community assets.

Public Transportation

Residents not using public transportation as their primary means of commute to work:

The Chisago - Isanti County Heartland Express: a public transportation service which operates within the borders of Chisago and Isanti Counties. Both Chisago and Isanti Counties are committed to providing safe, cost-effective transit service. All vehicles are handicapped accessible. We provide curb to curb service with some fixed bus stops. Passengers can either board at a bus stop or request a pick up at the curb. Reservations for the next day must be made by 2:00 p.m. the working day before.

All passengers reserving a ride must register with their program before they can transport. 

The Chisago County Veterans Service Office operates a 9 passenger van for the purpose of providing transportation from the curbside of your residence to and from either the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System in Minneapolis or the VA Health Care System in St Cloud.

More information on public transportation in Chisago County:   


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Published: 1/15/20